I am writing this letter of support on behalf of Maria Werries. I have known Maria over the past four years at American University as her professor for two of her classes, as her advisor, as the Director of the B.S. in Multimedia Design & Development (MMDD) program, in which she was a major, and as a basketball fan. I believe I have a solid basis for commenting on the level of her knowledge, character, and work ethic.

I first met Maria when she was a student in Creativity & Computers, the General Education course that I designed and taught and that was a requirement in the MMDD program. She stood out in the class of about 30 students as one who was very conscientious, hard-working, and interested in learning. Her work was excellent, and in her quiet way she was helpful to other students and a good example to others.

She continued those characteristics as she entered the MMDD program and excelled in her multimedia work -- and all this along with the demands of being a top-level athlete. She produced excellent products in her MMDD program, which included an independent study and an internship, which I supervised. I am confident that she is able to accomplish so much because of her basic high intelligence and also because she has an ingrained ethic that involves a sense of responsibility and a willingness to work hard.

In summary, I recommend Maria Werries with the highest confidence and without reservation. I am sure she will continue to apply her winning ways to the next steps in her professional development, and I look forward to following the progress of her successful career.


Larry Medsker
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Director, Multimedia Design & Development
and Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Audio Technology, and Physics
College of Arts and Sciences
American University
Washington, DC 20016
(202) 885-3306
(202) 885-2429 (fax)