I'm currently accepting freelance opportunities for the projects listed below.
My current design rate is $100/hr. and motion graphics rate is $125/hr.
See approximate costs for specific projects below:
PROJECT SAMPLES TIME ESTIMATE PRICING ESTIMATE (These costs include a 30 minute consultation to discuss the vision and scope of your project)
Shareables Sample Work 1hr and up @ $100/hr $150
Flyer Design Sample Work 3hrs and up @ $100/hr $350 for a 1-sided flyer and $550 for a 2-sided flyer
Motion Shareables Sample Work 4hrs and up @ $125/hr $550 for a 10-30 second video for social media
Infographic Design Sample Work 5hrs and up @ $100/hr $550
Book Cover Design Sample Work 6hrs and up @ $100/hr $650
Logo & Icon Design Sample Work 7hrs and up @ $100/hr $750
Bannerstand Design Sample Work 8hrs and up @ $100/hr $850
*The pricing above is estimated and will vary depending on the scope of your project.
**Please note that the costs above do not include stock photo purchases if they are required for the design.